Next year's schedule coming January 2011

Camp Overview

Most of our camps run on a two-day weekend format. We practice on-bike technical skills in the mornings, and put those skills into action on rides in the afternoons. Saturday evenings feature bike maintenance clinics, bike fit opportunities, drinks, snacks, and social time.

For both morning sessions and the afternoon rides, we divide into groups according to experience, interests, and skill level. Camp participants range from those with only a few days on gravel trails to those with years of experience and a desire for steeper technical lines and smoother fancier air.

Since we bring heaps of structures, stunts, and teaching aids to all our camps, we provide a level of challenge that's just right for each participant. For example, we have logs of different sizes and shapes to practice riding up and over as well as adjustable structures to teach riders how to roll down or air off.
Know that you will be challenged if you spend every free minute on your bike, and know that things will be reasonable if you are newer to the sport.

Our coach to participant ratio is at least 1:6, so every rider receives individual attention. The camp includes a group photo, draw prizes, and the exchange of participant contact information. By the end, everyone's learned so much, had so much fun, and is on such a high, it's just incredible to see.


This was the best camp I have ever taken, in any sport,
at any time.

Brianna Burley
Canmore camp participant