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If you are a prospective, current, or past participant, or if you are otherwise interested in hearing what media have had to say about the Dirt Series program, keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite pieces.

REI Blog
October 2015

It's not too late - fall in love with mountain biking

September 2015

5 Life Lessons Learned from Mountain Biking

Outside Online
April, 2014

9 Tips to Becoming a Better Mountain Biker

Bicycle Retailer
February, 2014

50 Influential Women Driving the Business

Women's Health
July, 2013

Don't Take a Vacation from Fitness

Vancouver Sun
July, 2013

Women, Wheels, and a Weekend in Whistler

Bike Magazine Online
July, 2013

Friday Five: Carving Turns

Bike Magazine
September, 2012

Learning from Girls - XX Factor

Women's Adventure Magazine
May, 2012

Air Time

Get Out There Women's Annual
May, 2012

Girls Weekend Reinvented

National Geographic Adventure
April, 2012

Extreme Photo of the Week

Bike Magazine
November, 2011

Going Past the Point of No Return

Freehub Magazine
June, 2011

Women Taking Control

Impact Magazine
July/August, 2010

Tabletops Aren't Just For Kitchens

Mountain Bike Action
June, 2010

Send Your Girlfriend to Camp Contest

Oxygen Magazine

Ride On!

Plum TV Blog

The Dirt Series: Mountain Biking Mamas Hit The Trails

Glow Magazine

Magazine: Rock And Roll

Magazine: Editor's Letter

Online: Rock and Roll

Mountainbike Revue Magazine
July, 2008

Magazine Article: Der Doppel-X Lernfaktor

Dirt Rag Magazine
February, 2008

Magazine Article: Becoming Un-Wimpy

Bicycling Magazine
July, 2007

Magazine Article: No Boys Allowed

Mountain Bike Action
June, 2007

Magazine Article: Dirt Series Expands To Two Sexes

Bicycle Retailer
May, 2007

Magazine Article: Skills Camps Reach Out To Women Riders

twentysix Magazine
Annual 2006

Photo: Caught in the Moment

The Province
September 20, 2005

Newspaper Article: Inside Dirt with Riding's Rock Stars Vancouver, BC

Shape Magazine
July, 2005

Get Fit: Ride Right Riding Tips and Camp Contest Giveaway


You've created a really outstanding program that not only empowers and encourages women in the arena of mountain biking, but also helps to instill a confidence, strength and camaraderie that the women carry into other aspects of their life.

Emily Neuman
Santa Cruz participant and volunteer, Bell Sports Marketing Department