Next year's schedule coming January 2011


In 2017, we offer 20 camps, and visit BC, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Most are women-s specific weekend camps, but there are two one-day camps in our schedule, and four co-ed weekend camps too.

Because of the way we teach and the number of stunts and structures we bring with us to every camp, you can honestly learn the majority of skills in any location. However, if you are committed to a specific discipline, or are determined to learn and practice a defined set of skills, there might be some locations that are more perfect for you than others.

Click on the dates and locations to the right to find short descriptions of the riding you can expect to do in each spot, as well as a list of recommended places to stay if you are coming from out of town. We don't arrange the accommodations for you, but we do try to research a variety of options and organize discounted pricing wherever we can.

We're super excited about all the places we get to ride this season. Wherever you live, and wherever you'd like to visit, we hope to see you there.