Next year's schedule coming January 2011

What To Bring

Some of the things you'll want to pack for your Dirt Series camp are not too different from those you'd want to bring on a regular weekend riding trip. Others are more specific to spending two full days learning new technical skills. Here are our suggestions:

  • Pack cycling gear for all potential weather, including rain. Remember cycling gloves.
  • Bring a regular cross-country / all-mountain helmet for pedal oriented skills and rides. We recommend that you also bring a full face downhill helmet if you want to work on advanced high speed downhill skills, and we require it if you're participating in sessions in lift-accessed bike park environments. There's plenty more information on helmets in the FAQ section.
  • Make sure you have a hydration pack or bottles so that you have lots of water during the day. Please fill these up before you arrive.
  • We'll set you up with delicious CLIF organic trail mix bars at camp, but if you'd prefer to have additional snacks, please bring them with you. The bars we have are gluten free, but do contain nuts, as well as traces of dairy.
  • Remember sunscreen and mosquito repellent for some locations.
  • Bring an extra set of clothes with you on your first camp morning so that you can change into them after riding and before the evening in-shop session.
  • Have your bike checked over by a mechanic before you come to camp, so that you can be sure that it's in great working order. Our host shops often offer deals to participants looking to get their bikes checked or serviced pre-camp, so if you live near the camp location, you can make use of that option. Otherwise please visit your local shop. If you're looking for more specifics on the best bike to bring, check out the FAQ section.
  • Bring a spare tube in case you get a flat tire, and basic riding tools if you have them. If you don't already have basic riding tools, don't worry. The coaches all have supplies, and the host shops offer great deals if you want to purchase your own during camp.
  • Bring a set of leg and arm pads if you have them, or borrow them from a friend if possible. If not, we'll have a limited supply of Race Face protection available for demo, and in almost all cases the host shop will have some available for sale.
  • Bring a pair of flat pedals if you have them, as they make it easier for any level of rider to learn and practice new skills. If you're married to your clipless pedals, you can always try the morning sessions on flats and then switch back for your afternoon ride. We'll have a limited supply of crankbrothers flat pedals to demo at camp as well.
  • Bring shoes that are compatible with the pedals you'll be using. If you are using clipless pedals, even if they have wide platforms, you must use shoes with cleats. If you are using flat pedals, you must use soft soled flat shoes without cleats; skate shoes and tennis shoes, without high arches and without deep ridges, work the best. We'll have a limited selection of Five Ten flat shoes available to demo as well.
  • If you're planning to try out two different kinds of pedals at the camp, you will have to bring two kinds of shoes. If it sounds like we're being especially firm with this last point, it's because so many participants have done otherwise and run into problems. We want you to have an amazing weekend, so please follow the advice above.

I came to camp to see if I wanted to really pursue mountain biking or simply cross it off the list. I found that with the proper equipment and amazing instruction that I could absolutely love this sport.

Julie Daily
Park City camp participant