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Dirt Series Travel Guides Coming Soon!

Have you ever wanted to plan a mountain bike trip outside of your home-town, but didn’t know where to start? Look no further – the Dirt Series Travel Guides are coming soon!

Our team of amazing coaches, who travel throughout North America and beyond to ride their mountain bikes, are so excited to share their must-visit places to eat, non-biking things to do, and other great local tips to help you plan the best trip ever.

Stay tuned for our soon-to-be-released travel guides for our camp locations, and get ready to plan your Dirt Series camp vacation like a local!

Some of our tips include: the best carne asada tacos in Tuscon, our favourite winery in Kelowna, a hidden gem coffee shop in Sudbury, our the ideal recovery day low key hiking trails in Durango, and so much more.

And we love your ideas too! Be sure to share your must-visit spots so we can include them in our travel guide for our Dirt Series community to share.

Happy trails and happy travels – we can’t wait to see you at camp.