Youth Events

Youth events are exclusively for youth, with programs for ages 6-10, 11-13 and 14-17 years old as of the date of camp.
Although the format will be similar to the celebrated style our adult riders have come to love, youth camp days will be modified to suit the emotional and physical needs of our growing riders. 

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Our Youth Camps are focused on including play throughout the learning process.

Core fundamentals will be taught using the proven methods our professional coaching staff have always used, while keeping our riders engaged, safe, and having fun.

Our aim is to build confidence both on and off the bike, promoting positive self talk, group engagement, mindfulness, and reflection. The more we learn about who we are and how we want to feel, the more we can apply those positive feelings to the fun and flow of the trail - including any obstacles!

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Our goal is to empower each participant to seek inclusivity and equality.

Dirt Series is committed to providing the tools, resources and experiences that help our youth riders excel. Through the camp experience, we hope to encourage more female-identifying riders to participate actively and positively in their community. We expect our participants will build lifelong friendships, find like-minded riding partners, and create amazing memories.

Our goal is to empower each participant to seek inclusivity and equality, make everyone feel welcome, and to make mountain biking equally accessible to all.

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These questions apply to our YOUTH CAMPS.  You can access our general FAQ for more information on our Adult Camp options here.

Rides and high fives as long as you like

Finally, all camps include a participant gift, draw prizes, and the exchange of contact info so that you can continue to share accomplishments, rides and high fives as long as you like.
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