Highlighting the format of our celebrated camp and clinic events adult riders have come to love for the last 20+ years, Norco Dirt Series youth events are modified to suit the emotional and physical needs of our growing riders – while building community and most importantly – HAVING FUN!

Youth Mountain Bike Camps

Our events are exclusively for youth, with programs for ages 6-10, 11-13 and 14-17 years old as of the date of camp.

Core fundamentals will be taught using the proven methods our professional coaching staff have always used, while keeping our riders engaged, safe, and having fun.
Our aim is to build confidence both on and off the bike, promoting positive self talk, group engagement, mindfulness, and reflection. The more we learn about who we are and how we want to feel, the more we can apply those positive feelings to the fun and flow of the trail – including any obstacles!
Dirt Series is committed to providing the tools, resources and experiences that help our youth riders excel. Through the camp experience, we hope to encourage more female-identifying riders to participate actively and positively in their community. We expect our participants will build lifelong friendships, find like-minded riding partners, and create amazing memories.

Our goal is to empower each participant to seek inclusivity and equality in mountain biking, becoming life long riders and growing community around them!

Registration for Youth Events is NOW OPEN

Youth FAQ

These questions apply to our YOUTH EVENTS. You can access our general FAQ for more information on our Adult Camp options here.

No problem! All we ask is that the participant can ride a bike comfortably on unpaved terrain, use their brakes, and have an awareness of the gears. Our coaches will break down riding into easy components that allow the rider to progress comfortably.

It’s a zero pressure environment, designed to give our young riders the knowledge and confidence to make smart decisions for themselves. That rock roll seems too scary today? No biggie. It will probably be there for another 10,000 years – we can always come back!

We LOVE seeing people succeed in doing hard things and celebrating the wins!

We’ll start the check in process around the same time as our Adult Camp, and the specific meeting time will be included in your pre-camp email. The morning is spent getting our young riders familiarized with the ride area, their equipment, and coaches. We’ll include some fun games and get-to-know you activities so everyone feels welcome ready for a great day on the bike!

Specific information about the meeting time and location will be provided in pre-camp communications.



Riders can expect the morning spent getting to know their fellow campmates and coaches, warming up the body and mind, fundamental skill training, and of course – snacks!

The lunch break will provide a time to refuel, engage with campmates, and reflect on the mornings session.

Afternoons, riders will take their new skills to the trails! This will include a mixture of exploring and sessioning natural features, games, and getting some mileage on the ability-appropriate terrain.

Back at the skills site there will be time to cool down, refuel and have some laughs! Journaling the experience is a great way to set goals, track progress and find inspiration, so we will also include time to spend on this.

Our Saturday evening session is there to help the riders learn personal accountability for taking care of their bikes, learning trailside maintenance, and connecting with fellow riders and coaches. And did we mention the snacks…?

Progression Series

Riders can expect the event to start by spent getting to know their fellow campmates and coaches, warming up the body and mind, with focus on fundamental skill training.

They will head to the trails, and practice those skills on appropriate terrain, returning to the same location you dropped them off at, ready for pick up

Each week we will continue to build skills, and of course fun, to ensure your youth is excited to get out and ride with their peers, their new friends, and of course – you!

You can check out our What to Bring section to get a better understanding of what to pack for the day. Most items are no different than what you would carry in your pack for a regular ride! We’re also happy to make recommendations based on the ride location as well – just reach out if you have questions!

Please note: if your rider has any dietary or environmental allergies, please alert us ahead of camp, and ensure they carry any necessary medication in their personal ride pack. eg. Inhaler, antihistamines, epi-pen etc.

We have spent considerable time securing skill sites within a comfortable pedaling distance to our afternoon ride locations. If a skills site is too far from the assigned trailhead, we will communicate this ahead of time, and work with our camp families to ensure appropriate transportation is confirmed prior to our participants arrival. 

In some cases, we will be located right next to our trails, so no additional support to transport your youth will be needed!

We have spent countless hours developing and refining our Skills Questionnaire. The Youth Skills Questionnaire will be slightly modified, but is designed to give us the best information to assess and group our young riders.

We ask that our youth campers complete the form with a parent/guardian, as honestly as possible, to ensure they are placed in the most appropriate ride group based on their ability and ride goals. Our coaches will be assessing and checking in with the riders throughout the camp, and we can adjust the groups if appropriate. We will never push someone to ride outside of their ability, but we do encourage all riders to set goals and challenge themselves.

Our coaches have been working with youths for years, and are adept in creating an environment aimed to help your young rider thrive. In order to support that container for growth and learning, we ask that parents refrain from participating/volunteering with their youths’ ride group. A pre-camp call can be arranged to get to know more about what to expect, and get to know our head coach.

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