Calgary, AB | Skills & Trail Clinic | Drops & Steep Descents | Sep 13


  • Mountain Bike Clinic / Adults 18+
    • Skills coaching specifically for adults 18+
  • Coaching Summary
    • This series features skills & on-trail coaching highlighting a specific skill (3-hours)!
    • If you’re looking for more coaching time, check out our Progression Series or Classic Camps
  • Intermediate and higher
    • This clinic is great for intermediate and higher levels
  • All-Genders
    • LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Inclusive


SEPTEMBER 13 | 5:30-8:30 PM

Short for time but want to learn something new? Join us for a skills & trail clinic where we hone in on a specific skill and then head to the trail to apply it in real life. These 3-hour clinics are best for those wanting to focus on a specific, complementary topic, and for riders that are intermediate and higher. Groups will be split as per the coach’s recommendations and two coaches will be present for each session to permit for a variance in participant skill levels and goals. 


Intermediate / Blue Rider

The Intermediate level is ideal for participants who have been riding blue mountain bike trails with moderate success.

Riders in this level can get over most smaller obstacles on trail, brake through smooth trail sections with success but may find difficulty on steeper or looser sections, and can climb up most smooth blue trails with success. Some obstacles on climbs may be challenging, or you may walk over some sections. You can roll off some obstacles but want to build confidence and control over larger (curb height and higher) sections, and you can navigate corners with some success, but are still working on leaning your bike, or steering through tighter up and down switchbacks. Riders in this level are working on tackling obstacles on climbs, and building comfort rolling down obstacles on descents.

Participants in this level may have a wide range of abilities between each other, some with strengths different from others, but generally you are looking for an increase in confidence, control and stability to increase your speed through smoother sections, or more difficult blue trails.

Experienced Intermediate / Experienced Blue Rider

Participants who are exploring black terrain with some success, and feel confident on all blue terrain would feel most at home in the Experienced Intermediate Rider level.

Riders in this level can get over most obstacles on the trail including flat terrain roots, rocks and obstacles, can ascend over most technical features on climbs and can roll down curb to knee high obstacles with comfort. Riders incorporate dropping techniques into their riding on smaller trail features, and can control their speed with ease ensuring both traction and confidence are maintained throughout the descent. Riders incorporate leaning into many corners, and ride dynamically with control through rough terrain. 

Participants in this level are looking to build speed and refine specific techniques to progress into advanced terrain including progressing their cornering, air techniques like drops and jumps, and build more control in steeper climbing and descending terrain.

Advanced Riders / Light Black Terrain

Advanced riders are comfortable in all blue terrain and some single black trails, and can navigate most of the trails features with success including steep pitches, on trail obstacles knee-to-chest height and feel comfortable with exploring challenging terrain by evaluating and then proceeding with caution. Riders in this group are capable of riding flow trails with control including leaning and rotating in corners, jumping small jumps (and landing most of the time on the landing), dropping off obstacles that are at least knee height with control, and are building confidence on larger jumps, berms and drops.

Riders in this level are looking to refine specific techniques to progress into more advanced, flow terrain including larger air techniques, assessing and riding larger descending terrain and technical obstacles like rock rolls and purpose build structures, and navigating advanced technical terrain with control (ie. technical descents including narrow line selections, root balls, mandatory drops and more).


All participants require the use of their own helmet & full suspension mountain bike for this program, or should make arrangements to rent equipment through a local shop, for these clinics. Bikes must have front suspension (front & rear preferred), working front and back brakes, and be built to be ridden on mountain bike trails. We always recommend having your bike tuned up before your program by a local bike shop to ensure everything is in good working order so you get the best experience possible out of this event!

We do not provide demo equipment for these events.


$125+ local taxes



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