Lake Louise Ski Club | Youth Fall Program


  • Mountain Bike Clinic Series / Youth 10-13
    • Multi-week coaching specifically for youth 10-13
  • Coaching Summary
    • This series features on-trail coaching across four weeks, with 3 hour sessions each week (12 hours)
  • Rider Ability Levels
    • This progression series is great for brand new / green terrain mountain bike riders, new intermediate riders/light blue and intermediate / blue terrain riders
    • See our level descriptions below to learn more
  • All-Genders
    • LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Inclusive
  • Skills Covered
    • This program has been specifically designed to progress the riders each week, leaving them with ample time in between sessions to work on the skills we covered in their own riding and let it all sink in! 
      • Week 1: Foundations (body position, balance & braking)
      • Week 2: Getting Over Obstacles (how to get over small obstacles on trail)
      • Week 3: Climbing & Dynamic Riding (how to get up hills & use free speed to help!)
      • Week 4: Descending & Cornering (how to get down trails with confidence)

Click here to read more about our Progression Series, including what to bring, typical camp schedule and more!

Norco Dirt Series
Lake Louise Ski Club – Private Athlete Progression Series
SUNDAYS | SEPT 10, 17, 24 & OCT 1 | 11:00 – 2:00 PM

Whether your youth is brand new to mountain biking, or they are ready to progress their skills – we have an amazing Progression Series to help your youth build confidence on the trail. Our series starts with targeted skills that coincide with a trail ride that has ample opportunity to continue development; our multi-week mountain bike lessons are designed to tackle each skill with an instructional ride to hone in on technique, confidence and of course fun!


Before you register your rider, please review the level options below. Participants will be grouped as selected, but should we find the riders benefit in another level, we will adjust accordingly to ensure they have the best experience possible!

Beginner / Green Rider

If you typically ride on paved paths, or sometimes venture onto gravel or purpose built mountain bike trails, the Beginner Rider level is the place to start.

Riders in this level are still working on getting over small obstacles on trail, feel a bit uneasy braking with control, occasionally get off their bike to climb and descend sections on trail or generally feel a bit imbalanced and want to build more confidence to make mountain biking more fun.

New Intermediate / New Blue Rider

If you have been exploring green and some blue trails, but you have the confidence to build skills and explore more blue trails, the New Blue Rider group is the place for you.

Riders in this level can get over some smaller on trail obstacles, but are working on getting over larger obstacles more consistently including larger trees, roots and rocks on flat terrain. Braking with consistency is improving with each ride, but the rider is still working on control and confidence. 

Intermediate / Blue Rider

The Intermediate level is ideal for participants who have been riding blue mountain bike trails with moderate success.

Riders in this level can get over most smaller obstacles on trail, brake through smooth trail sections with success but may find difficulty on steeper or looser sections, and can climb up most smooth blue trails with success. Some obstacles on climbs may be challenging, or you may walk over some sections. You can roll off some obstacles but want to build confidence and control over larger (curb height and higher) sections, and you can navigate corners with some success, but are still working on leaning your bike, or steering through tighter up and down switchbacks. Riders in this level are working on tackling obstacles on climbs, and building comfort rolling down obstacles on descents.

Participants in this level may have a wide range of abilities between each other, some with strengths different from others, but generally you are looking for an increase in confidence, control and stability to increase your speed through smoother sections, or more difficult blue trails.

If you are unsure if this series is right for you, contact our office to learn more!


All participants require the use of their own helmet & front or full suspension mountain bike for this program, or should make arrangements to rent equipment through a local shop, for these clinics. Bikes must have front suspension (front & rear preferred), working front and back brakes, and be built to be ridden on mountain bike trails. We always recommend having your bike tuned up before your program by a local bike shop to ensure everything is in good working order so you get the best experience possible out of this event!

We do not provide demo equipment for these events.


$295+ local taxes

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