Spin Sisters | Exploring New Heights | Aug 12


Spin Sisters Members Private 1-Day Event!

Great for: All Levels!
Group Splits: Lime & Lemon | Blueberry, Cherry & Blackberry

This event is 6 hours: 2.5 hours of skills, a quick 30 min lunch break, and 3 hours on trail!

Saturday August 12 | 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Exploring New Heights covers the climbing and obstacle techniques we need to get to new heights on the trail. Whether you’re a lime, lemon, blueberry, cherry or blackberry – this event is a perfect way to work on technique for getting up and over everything you tackle – while going up!

In this event, we will be covering skills including:

  • Stance & Balance – climbing body positioning
  • Starting on a climb and stopping safely on a climb
  • Wheel Lifts of all kinds – front, rear, level, pedaling and even manuals!
  • Ascending switchbacks
  • Climbing positions and their uses

After our morning skills, we will head out to the trails to practice our new techniques on trail, in real life! Participants will be grouped into skill-appropriate ride groups, and will be using trails pre-selected for further skill development.

Member Price: $150.00 + Tax

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