Try It Clinics

Are you ready to get your wheels off the sidewalk, and onto gravel and dirt with confidence? Did you just get a mountain bike, but don’t know where to start? Not sure if you’re ready for a 2-day Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camp but want to get some skills under your belt? We’ve got the answer for you.



Dirt Series Try It Clinics are instructional clinics that we host for you. We bring the coaches, equipment and expertise to aid in growing your mountain bike community!

These clinics are specifically tailored to first-time mountain bikers, new riders who are ready for some instruction, or individuals who are not sure about investing in a new sport but are willing to try something new. All they need to know how to do is coast on a bike, and feel comfortable with basic balance, pedaling and brake usage - we will build skills, grow confidence and refine technique.

The goal of these camps are to help create a community around the sport of mountain biking, connecting new clients with local bike shops and local coaches, and providing professional instructional services where this is not always available. Clinics are possible for all demographics. Women specific, all-genders, mixed genders, youth, etc. to best suit your community, and the goals of your store.

Try It Clinics are three hours long, and cover the foundations of mountain biking. Stance and balance, looking ahead, braking, cornering, getting over obstacles and more. They are intended to be beginner focused - and fun!

Try It Clinic

Try It Clinics
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